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Original Vwar S9 Smart Watch 4G Network SIM Card Android System 180° Camera WIFI GPS Smartwatch Men 2GB+32GB 2.1" AMOLED Screen - Latest Purchase Link

 This article discusses the VWAR S9 Cellular Watch, the newest smartwatch that looks like an Apple Watch Ultra! It's another Android Watch with plenty of incredible capabilities, and as it runs Android, you can install all of your favourite apps on it. Not only does this watch include an AMOLED display and a SIM card slot, but it also has a 190-degree camera, making it the one of thegreatest Android-powered Apple Watch Ultra substitute available right now!

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If you have not watched my full review yet on it, I would highly recommend you to watch it as I have talked about all of the features in this watch in detail. 

Design of VWAR S9 Cellular Watch:

The VWAR S9 Cellular watch comes in a square shape, which is similar to Apple Watch Series 9. The watch comes in around 48mm size, and on the right side we get a crown key looking button which is actually a 190 degree rotatable camera. Then we have the side key, which is responsible for most of the actions as it's the only actual button in this watch. On the left side, we get the speaker and a SIM card try! The overall look of the watch is a combination of the Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 9.

Display of the VWAR S9 Cellular Watch:

One of the best things about the CD99 Cellular Watch is that it comes with an AMOLED display. It is using a 2.04" AMOLED display, which adds great smoothness, vibrancy to the colours and sharpness to the UI which makes the display look too good! It has a great combination of the Zhanrui 8541E Chip and an amazing AMOLED display, because of which the overall interaction with the UI is really good and all of the transitions and animations are really good in the watch!

Features of the VWAR S9 Cellular Watch:

This cellular watch is filled with many features in it. It is using Android version 8.1.0 which adds the ability to install almost all of the main application you would need on your smartwatch! It comes with a 32 gigabytes of storage which adds the ability to install all of your favourite apps, to click and download as many pictures as you would want and also add many songs in it! Taking advantage of bluetooth you can also use Wireless Headphones with it and use it as an mp3 player! It is also equipped with a 2MP camera which is also rotatable and you can move it to use it as a rear camera as well as a selfie cam! And the best thing, the camera can also be used as a Face ID scanner!

It also includes many Android apps like Browser, Gallery, Alarms, StopWatch, Timer, Music Player, Voice Recorder and Google Voice Assistant!

It also has health sensors, and comes with many health apps like Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Level checker, Sport Modes and Pedometer!

Let's take a look at some information about the VWAR S9 Cellular Watch:
  • Chip: Zhanrui 8541E
  • RAM: 2GB
  • ROM/ Storage: 32GB
  • Android: 8.1.0
  • Network: 5G/ 4G Connectivity
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, WiFi/ Bluetooth Hotspot, Quick Share etc
  • Camera: 2MP
That's a wrap, if you want to know about all of the features, I would recommend you to check out my full review on YouTube embedded above on this post!

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