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HK9 Ultra 2 Max Smartwatch - AMOLED Smartwatch with 2GB ROM, Chat GPT, Add Songs/Photos/eBooks and Record Sound - Best Watch Ultra - Purchase Links

    In this post, we are talking about another Apple Watch Ultra Clone. Only a few months after releasing the HK9 Ultra 2 smartwatch, WearFit Pro is back with another Apple Watch Ultra 2 Clone which is named HK9 Ultra 2 Max. It is equipped with Siche SF32LB525 Chip and comes with many new features and improvements over the HK9 Ultra 2 Smart Watch, and in this post we will talk about its main features!

    If you have not watched my full review on the YouTube yet, I would highly recommend you to watch it in on YouTube or in the video embedded below. It's an in depth review in which we have taken a look at the body, software and all of the features in the smart watch!


    First of all, talking about the design of the smartwatch, it comes in a 49mm size and the dimensions are said to be 49*44*12mm. And as we have checked in the YouTube review, it's perfectly compatible with Apple Watch Ultra 2 accessories and you can use any case on it which is compatible with Apple Watch Ultra 2. It comes in a metallic frame with Silver or Titanium colour shade which makes it look quite similar to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It has two buttons on the right side; an insensible knob key and a side key. While on the left side we get an orange button, named the action key which looks just like the Apple Watch Ultra. 

    On the back side we get the charging and health sensors in the middle, real screws on 4 corners and a strap lock on each side. Yes, the smartwatch supports wireless charging using the wireless charger provided in the box. We have real strap locks and the straps won't slip out, and you will need to press the button to get the straps out!


    Display is one of the best things about the HK9 Ultra 2 Max, and also one of those things which makes it the best Apple Watch Ultra 2 replica. It comes with an AMOLED display because of which the black colours is so pure. The display size is 2.12 inches and the screen resolution is said to be 485*520. The screen size is big and the bezels are also equal from all of the sides. The AMOLED display and a strong Siche SF32LB525 chip adds great smoothness in the smartwatch and the transitions and movements in the smartwatch looks exactly like the Apple Watch Ultra!


    It is based on a software which resembles with watchOS 10. So, the icons, transitions and the applications look quite similar to the Apple Watch Ultra 2. After that it comes with many health related applications including the Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen Level, Pressure, Blood Sugar and Respiratory Rate checker. You can check the health sensors test in the video embedded above!

    The smartwatch is IP67 level waterproof, and I would not recommend you to use it directly in water while it can be normally used while washing hands or in the rainy days! It also comes with a Pedometer to keep a track of your daily steps, and you can check the pedometer test in the YouTube review. 

    It also has many smart applications including Chat GPT, WearFit Translator, Ai Watch Face and more! Below, I am going to leave a link of the related videos where you can find a review on all of these features. 

    It also comes with 2GB of Storage capacity, and to take advantage of the storage you can store mp3 songs in it and play them directly on the smartwatch or connect TWS EarPhones with it, then you can also store eBooks in it, store pictures in it and record sound on it. The good thing about the photo album feature is that you can also use the pictures directly as a custom watch face whenever you want!

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