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Hello Watch 3 Plus AMOLED - 49mm Watch Ultra with 4GB Storage, Import Songs, Photos, eBooks and Record Sound - Purchase Links!

 In this post, we have the Hello Watch 3 Plus smartwatch, which is the latest addition in the Hello series powered by the QiFit app. In this post we will talk about its main features and if you should purchase it or not.

In the box:

In the box of the smartwatch you get the user manual, ocean straps, USB-A wireless charger and the Hello Watch 3 Plus [AMOLED] smartwatch.


The design of this smartwatch copies the style of Apple Watch ULTRA. This smartwatch comes in 49mm size and the dimensions are similar to Apple Watch Ultra which means it can use the Apple Watch Ultra case and accessories. It is also compatible whit the Apple Watch straps.

It is using an AMOLED display, which is said to be in 2.02 inches of size with * resolution. The bezels are also even on the smartwatch. The AMOLED display adds great purity to the colours, specially the black colour and it also helps in saving the battery life!

It has three buttons. A crown key and side key on the right side, while an action key on the left side just like the Apple Watch Ultra. The smartwatch uses an insensible knob key and you will not hear a clicky sound whenever you use the crown key. The side key is a flat key like the Apple Watch Ultra while the action key is an orange button resembling the Apple Watch Ultra.

It also has the microphone hole on the right side while the speaker holes on the left side. It has 4 additional holes on the body which look similar to Apple Watch Ultra as they have open look like it. And it also comes with the GPS Antenna design on the body. YES DO READ IT AGAIN, IT DOES NOT COME WITH GPS, IT COMES WITH THE GPS ANTENNA DESIGN ON THE BODY! 

On the backside we get the wireless charging and health sensors, while we also have the real screws like the Apple Watch Ultra. On the back, we also get the strap locks, because of which it will lock the straps and they won't move from the original place!

Ui and software:

The Ui of the smartwatch resembles a lot with Apple WatchOS. It has control centre which looks quite similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. Then it also comes with the watchOS icons in the menu, and there are only two menu styles like the Apple WatchOS, cellular menu and the list menu style. Then it also has watchOS animations whenever you open or quit the applications.


It comes with 4GB of storage, and to take advantage of it, it has many feature inside it. You can import photos in the smartwatch and see the photos directly in the smartwatch. You can swipe right and left in the photos app to check all photos. In the photos app, it also has the create a wallpaper option, by which you ca set the photo directly as the watchface on the smartwatch

The smartwatch also has the music app, in which you can import music from your smartphone. It has a very loud speaker and you can listen to songs directly on it, or you can connect with the TWS earbuds directly on the smartwatch and use it as an MP3 player. You can also add lyrics to the songs in the smartwatch. You can watch my full review on how to use the music app, embedded below:

Then, it also has the eBooks import option, by which you can import text files in the smartwatch and store your pins, passwords and other information like this. And it also has the sound recording option and you can record up to 8 hours on it. The recorded files can be transferred to the QiFit app and saved from there.

Sport Apps:

The smartwatch comes with many sports related applications including the Heart Rate monitor, Blood Oxygen level monitor, sport modes, activity data, stop watch, timer and breath training.


Hello Watch 3 is surely the best Apple Watch Ultra replica when it comes to the features and no one comes closer to it because of the features like 4GB storage, ability to add photos and songs, to connect with TWS earbuds, AMOLED display, 1:1 case and many features like this!

Purchase Links: 

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