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HK9 Ultra 2 Smartwatch - AMOLED, 2GB ROM, Record Sound, AI Exquisite Dial - Purchase Links - Full Specs - Best Apple Watch Ultra Replica!

 HK9 Ultra 2 is one of the latest additions in the HK series by WearFit Pro which comes with the smoothest display and Ui. It comes in 49mm size with an AMOLED Display and it is using the Siche CHIP with its latest model Siche SF32LB525. The smartwatch also includes 2GB of local storage to store songs and also record sound directly on it! .

If you are interested in knowing about everything in the HK9 Ultra 2, I would recommend you to watch my full review on YouTube: 

In this review, I have covered everything from the Ui, to the Watch Application, Features, Health Apps and the Battery! So, if you have any answers about the smartwatch, I assure you they will be answered in the video!

DESGIN OF HK9 Ultra 2 Smartwatch:

The smartwatch comes in square design similar to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and comes in 49mm size. Not just similar, it looks exactly like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and is also compatible with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 accessories including the screen protector, case and straps! The smartwatch has many similarities with the Apple Watch Ultra including the GPS Antenna design on the body, then 3 buttons, real strap locks and even real screws at the back!

The smartwatch has a 2.0 AMOLED display with 410*502 resolution because of which the display colours are really good and the pictures as well as the text is really clear on it! To take advantage of the AMOLED Display, the smartwatch also comes with two screen off dials, one with pointer clock while the other with digital clock. Below I have shared a picture of the screen off dials!

Software and the Ui:

The smartwatch copies the style of Apple's latest watchOS 10 and includes many similarities with it! Here are some of the Ui features which are similar to watchOS 10:
  • Watch Faces
  • Widgets Page
  • Control Centre
  • App History 
  • watchOS 10 Vertical Cellular Menu
  • watchOS 10 List Menu
  • watchOS 10 icons 
  • watchOS 10 transitions 
  • watchOS 10 theme in applications 
Here is a picture below showing the menu of the HK9 Ultra 2, what do you think about it?


The smartwatch includes many top features, and below I have listed some of them below:
  • Pedometer
  • Sports Modes
  • Health Apps including Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Level Checker, Blood Pressure Checker etc.
  • Utility Apps: Calendar, Calculator, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarms, Flashlight, Weather etc.
  • 2GB Local Storage
  • Import Songs in the smartwatch 
  • Record Sound 
  • Chat GPT
  • NFC Door Access 


The smartwatch comes with a battery capacity of 450 mAh, and has a great battery life. The major reasons behind a good battery life includes an AMOLED display, a good processor and a huge battery capacity. To see the drainage test of the smartwatch, do check out the full review!

Supported Languages:

The smartwatch also supports a lot of languages, and below I have mentioned all of them:
  • English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Farsi

Buying Links:

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